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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Good morning! My first blog entry on this platform. I wonder what has driven me to this outlet of shared ideas? Read on....

Just for Fun, the new page added to my site, is indeed, a place for my drawings and doodles. It is also the place of the manifestation of The Muse, the geni, who is the actual creator of all the work. I am just the Hand. It sounds weird. I won’t disagree with you. It is a supernatural state when you create. Nothing else exists. The artist becomes one with the spiritual word of the Muse. Don’t laugh. I haven’t lost my mind.

This Muse is older than Christ, Socrates, and the dinosaurs and as young as a new born baby.

Consider this for a moment. If you try to think about where an idea comes from, what source do you ultimately find? If you see something at the bottom of a tea cup that inspires you to write a poem or paint a picture, or write a novel, what put that tea cup in your hand and what gave you the idea to act on it with creative actions? It's the old “What came first, the chicken or the egg” argument.

Elizabeth Gilbert writes about this in her book “Big Magic”. (Strongly suggest you read it.) You can claim to be the creator of a particular piece of art, but what really gave you the inspiring idea? Who is the guide and where did the guide come from? Yep, it was the Muse that lives swims and swirls in the atmosphere around you. Nothing more, nothing less. The original idea belongs to the Muse, so I suppose you could think of all art as an act of plagiarism. The Muse brings you the idea, but it's your choice to say, “Okay, okay, I hear you. I will work on that idea as soon as I get finished shopping. Now leave me alone. I am on it!” Or you can say “Go away. Can’t you see I am in the middle of a catastrophe. I don’t have time for this now!” And the Muse will go away to find a more receptive “Hand” to help bring the idea into being.

It is indeed a partnership of magic.

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