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The Value of Art Part 2

As I was finishing the contents of this month’s newsletter, I came across several pieces of information about the value of art and the importance of art to the developing human. This led me to wonder if we have stopped evolving or has it been continuing under own noses. Well, my dears, we have been evolving over the past 10000 and we are continuing at a rapid pace. Now I know you are wondering what this has to do with art…and I will get to that in a moment.

Over the past several thousand years, we have evolved from not being able to drink cow’s milk to drinking gallons a day due to the advancement of the dairy industry. Our noses have gotten bigger, some men have gotten taller, wisdom teeth, baby toes, appendixes, and then there is the development of blue eyes. Our brains have been shrinking. Yes, over the past millenniums, we have lost about a tennis ball size of brain matter. We are becoming more tolerant of the suns UV rays. And our genes are showing a n outstanding decline in the markers that affects our need to smoke. Now those are just a few of the changes related to evolution.

And now back to art…

Have you ever seen a toddler, and sometimes younger, successfully manipulate a smart phone? That child can’t read, and I bet the mother didn’t sit down for twenty minutes each day for three weeks teaching her little darling how to use the phone. Oh no. That skill was learned via observation. So, when your child grows up, you know they can use the phone, but can they thread a needle? Here is another example. I was literally gob-smacked when it was revealed to me.

Me: Hey, Julie, what time is it?

Julie: I don’t know

Me: What do you mean you don’t know. Your sitting right next to the clock.

Julie: I know, but I don’t know how to read a clock with arms. My watch has the flashing numbers.

Julie was 10 years old. I suddenly lost faith in our school system. What would have happened if on that fateful morning I had not asked my child for the time? Shame on the school, and shame on me.

This is just a simple example of what happens in the presence of technological advancement without the presence of art.

Art creates the atmosphere for improved motor skills, language development, decision making, visual learning, inventiveness and curiosity, cultural awareness and increase academic performance.

Art is the key, or rather the gateway to deeper learning and a successful evolutionary experience.

Adieu, in hopes nothing falls off till we blog again!


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