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For several reasons, all of which I tend to use as an excuse for my actions, I will project the negativity onto others. There you have read a confession of the soul. Since, dear reader, you have no idea who I really am, you will have to take me at my word, I can be a bitch.

Here's the thing. I am on a board. Yes, I am on several boards. It's really no big deal. Being on a board simply mean you are a volunteer to make things happen - in theory. Its not glamorous, or reserved for the elite on Fleet Street. To be a board member is like being a drone in a honey hive. There is the Queen, the workers and the drones. Now the Queen isn't necessarily the President of the Board. The Queen is the former cheerleader, who during meetings secretly wants to be president because of the focus of attention. but insists she will do absolutely anything - just don't ask her to be president and emphasizes this with a performance of Fossi Jazz Hands. Got the picture? This is where my issue lies. I get an email that says something to the effect "I want this and I want that and this is how much it will cost and now send me a check so I can make it happen." I go into my mode of legitimately asking questions because I mistakenly

think this is the purpose of the board. But instead of getting a reply back that sounds even closely related to sense, I get a defensive reply regarding the benevolence of the need for XYZ, plus the need to pay more for something because the retailer is a friend of the board.

I am hoping this blog will denature my angst, and keep me off the email issuing forth some sarcasm that I will regret right after I hit send.

It just seems to me there are some folks that just demand to much from little ol' me. And when they do, I feel I need to cash in on them with some kind of bully behavior - and at the same time I set myself up for getting slammed with a hundred words of sickening sweet kindness from the shrew I lambasted. Is there no way to do this without getting blow back? I don't want to do this dance with her. If you can help, with the meager information I have supplied, please send me a comment on how you would handle this situation.

Thank you for reading.

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