Beaches, Ocean, and Salt Life

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Sunrise on the Outer Banks


Oceanic Aurora

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Gathering at Dusk

The Ballet at Dusk

Judge Judy at Dusk


Great White Egret

The GWE is native to Florida and other wetlands

This is a digital drawing rendered from a photo supplied by

Captain Jen Howard.  

Copies are available framed and unframed.  Prices are based on the size you choose, along with shipping.

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Mal du Mar

What could speak of Salt Life than an old broadside?  This was my first attempt to use the digital process to create a rendering in the fashion on an old Master's painting.  It is not an exact copy, but using the digital pixels as paint, I tried to recreat a painting with the same feel. 

Prints are available.


The last walk on the beach before going home...that early morning last claim of salt air and a found shell, maybe a handfull of sand to keep the memory alive.


Sun Day

Away from the office, away from the tech, reading a real book, feeling a warm sun, a cool breeze and a cold margarita.


KiteTail Bay

Just another day in paradise.  The sun goes up and the comes down.  No one tells the sun what to do.  No one should tell you what to do.  That's the joy of the vacation away from 

noise and irritations

There is no common day at 

KiteTail Bay.

 A digital rendering of a beautiful spot brought to you by a stranger's  vacations.  We can thank them later! 

Grotto Diablo

Hot beaches.

Cold drinks.

Welcome shade.

Tanned skin covered

in St. Tropez Oil.

You know the drill by heart.

Diablo Grotto.JPG

Morning Myst

Sitting on the dock, early morning with a cup of coffee.  Listening to the lake birds calling.  Simple pleasures, simple life.


An updated version of an earlier rendering.  I have used this print several different ways - on a tile covering a memory box, a large ottoman tray, and a wall hanging.  The prints are adaptable.

Your imagination sets the limit!