I am a retired RN. Reborn artist.

Reinventing self and Restoring the muse.

I hope you enjoy my work.om

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Creativity is Contagious - Pass it On!
Covid-19 has inspired many of us to create.  We have been locked down with nothing but time.  So, without salons being open, I have resorted to the tried and true brush rollers.  Plus, being the most pragmatic person I know, I flipped some of my art to hospital masks.  You must stop by my shoppe on Redbubble and check them out!

Below you will find two videos.  I wanted to demonstrate how easy digital drawing is with just a little practice and the right application.  If you want to know more about digital are, just ask.  I would love to give you a quick lesson to get you started.  

The City Prints in the banner above, and the one here on the left, and below are available framed for $65 each plus shipping.  The prints are available in a variety of sizes, framed and unframed.  If you would like to see your hometown in a poster, call me.

Adding one more this afternoon.  I call it, "My Soulard".  I grew up in Soulard, which is the old French settlement of St. Louis.  The architecture is a mix of French and German, and the folks there were always referred to as "Scrubby dutch" .  Every week the hausfraus who had the white stoops in front of their homes where charged to use Babo, Ajax, or Comet to scrub them clean at least once a week - they had to shine brite white or the other hausfraus would talk about them!

The three prints on the right are shown together. The grey one on on the bottom is called "Blu Lou" and I added it to "My Soulard" and the St. Louis City Print.

They are all available in a variety of sizes.

Here are two new prints with NC desinations!  The Raleigh has joined the Smithfield and the Clayton to bring you a nece cohesive grouping.

Hey is you can't get out and visit, why not just hang a visit on your walls!

What about a cute hand

drawing of your BFF!

Canvas Stretched or Single Print

You decide.

Just send me a picture or two and let me know how you want them dressed.  I will go to work for you.

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